Nora Griffin

Artist Statement:

As an artist and abstract painter, I take every opportunity to immerse myself in a canvas through color, composition, form, and texture. I have a sharp eye and appreciation for detail.

My canvas evolves with no pre-conceived idea of what the end result will be. However, there will usually be a starting point; an idea, a feeling, a color or shape.

I paint until a piece is alive with the emotions of each session. Music is a constant influence: triggering feelings that consume me while painting. Using large scale canvases, I attempt to create marks that are authentic and organic using a variety of tools. 

The luxury of complete freedom in the abstract form is what inspires me. I perpetually seek out and explore new techniques. My paintings express my wishes and dreams, they celebrate happy occasions, and serve as a remedy for sadness in life. The creative process brings me fulfillment and purpose. My intent is to invoke some of these feelings in viewers as they appreciate the abstract elements of my art.

Selected Biography:

 Nora is a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she paints primarily in oil and also uses a variety of medium. In the interaction of artist and material she seeks the moment of pure painting. Her techniques involve the application of paint varying in thickness, abstract textures, the layering of colors, overpainting and glazing in a search for art that provokes individual and lasting impressions. Her early experience as a student at the School of Visual Arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, inspired her subsequent creative interests in metal work, leather, ceramics, primitive rug hooking, painting, drawing, and photography.


Visual Arts Nova Scotia

Contemporary Art Society